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Bat Rolling Machines - Are They Legal?

ByDave Manly

Is Bat Rolling Legal?

This is a question I hear a lot and the debate goes on.

The short answer is yes and no.

There really are a couple areas to cover when answering this question.
The integrity of enhancing a natural break-in of a bat by compressing and rolling it in a machine.The legality of rolling a bat

The Integrity:

This is a debate that has been going on for years and there is not a clear cut answer to it. With that being said, because it does not allow any bat to be broken in past a natural break in period, it is this author's opinion that integrity and honor are not a real issue here.

I would take this one step further and say that since many of these bats cost well in excess of $300, the owner owes it to him or herself to get the maximum potential out of the bat from the first swing. Since the new bats are toned down to around 92 - 93 mph out of the wrapper and only hit in the 98 mph range once fully broken in, it is of even more importance to break these bats in quickly.

The glues and laminates that are being used in the new bats are stiffer and harder, so it is now taking even longer in the natural break in process.

The Legality of Rolling:

Rolling any bat is 100% legal. The issue comes into play about where these bats are used.

Some leagues have no rules against using a rolled bat, while others specifically say they can not be used. This is an area that each individual user needs to search out for his or herself. I am not suggesting or implying that it is legal to use a rolled bat in leagues. I am also not suggesting or implying that you should go against any league rules.

I can say however that at the present time, a bat that has been correctly rolled will not be detectable. Rolling does not change the appearance or feel to these bats.

Are Bat Rolling Machines Legal?

Yes, these machines are legal and you have a right to roll any bat with them. Again the usage of the bat becomes the responsibility of the owner of the bat.

Again though, as mentioned above, these bat companies are offering bats on the market that come out of the package in the low 90's mph with the understanding that they will top out at 98 mph once fully broken in.

In Conclusion:
Rolling Bats is legalBat Rolling Machines are legalThe usage and responsibility of a fully broken in bat that does not exceed the 98 mph mark intended for the bat, is up to the owner.

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