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Bat Rolling Machine - 10 Reasons to Purchase One - No, Eleven Reasons

ByDave Manly

Bat Rolling is a process that enhances the distance that a composite softball or baseball bat hits a ball. It really can be the difference between an out and a base hit, or even a home-run.

10 Reasons to Purchase a Bat Rolling Machine:
Not knowing or being familiar with the person or company that is doing the rolling on your $300 or $400 bat.The cost of sending out and having others roll your bats.Wanting to make sure your bat is rolled and done correctlyNot wishing that others know that you are using a bat that has this advantageNot wishing to take the time to ship your bat.Wanting instant break-in of the batWishing to use the Bat Rolling Machine to make some extra incomeWishing to roll your entire teams bats.Wishing to roll your sons or daughters bats.Start your own bat rolling companyBecause you want one. Number eleven... so it does not count.

There are of course, many more reasons why you would purchase a bat rolling machine. I could go on and on, but I will expound a little on these.

By purchasing your own bat rolling machine, you will have 100% peace of mind that your bat is rolled correctly. I have heard stories many times of bats being sent to a bat rolling company and when it came back it appeared that nothing had been done to it. Then once it was taken to the ball park, it seemed to have no increase in power or distance. There are a few reputable bat rolling companies around that I would trust with my bat, just not many.

The cost of sending your bats in to be rolled needs to also be considered. Once you have sent in 8 -10 bats or so, you have paid for the lion share of the cost of owning your own machine. There is also a time factor involved as you have to package and send it in. In addition to the cost of the rolling, you also need to consider the cost of shipment, which is around $12 to send it priority mail and or ups ground. So the cost of sending in 8 bats times around $40 once you include shipping, comes to $320.

The time factor also comes into play in your determination of whether you should purchase a new machine. Most of the time you purchase your new bat, you are wishing to go our and swing it in the next game or tournament, or at practice to see how it performs. By purchasing your own Bat Rolling Machine you will be able to do this immediately.

Once you own your own machine, the advantages become obvious. You now are able to roll your bats instantly along with any others. Often times a team will want to go together and purchase one so all can enjoy the benefits. The advantage of being able to roll bats without others knowing is obvious.

Many are buying machines to take to the ball parks or use out of their homes to make extra money. I have heard countless stories of how their machine paid for itself in the first week or first month.

Finally you can buy a bat rolling machine because you want one. When you do not get what you want for Christmas or a birthday, why not purchase a machine for yourself. Once you have purchased your new machine, you can roll bats in the peace of your own home when you want. You will have many years of happy rolling.

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Dave is the owner of Panther Machines. Panther Machines is the leader in the industry in both the production and sales of Bat Rolling Machines

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