Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Softball Power Hitting

Girls Can Hit With Just as Much Authority as Boys With the Right Swing Mechanics
in girls' softball is less focused upon than baseball power hitting and there is no reason why girls cannot hit the ball with more authority and start hitting just as many extra base hits than the guys can. Some say that girls do not get a fair shake from their coaches who may subconsciously think their skills as hitters' are so far less, that they are not even getting the opportunity to learn power hitting skills. This is true for the most part, as girl softball players are mostly taught just to make contact and put the ball in play. What the softball community does not realize is that women have far greater of a work ethic than men when it comes to competitive sports, and they will improve just as fast on something once their focus is directly on the target.

Why Are There So Few Softball Players Who Are Good at Power Hitting?
There are very few power hitters in softball, but if you study the ones that can really hit for consistent power you will notice a few different aspects to their approach than what is regularly taught. Their ability to lift balls out in the outfield consistently gives them an edge to power hitting and getting more hits. Power hitters really launch their swing from their back leg and use a lot of muscles in the buttocks and hips. These types of hitters rarely leak forward and transfer their weight to the front foot. Their swing plane is not downward like what is taught, and many of them look like major league baseball hitters when they swing. If you look at the similarities of the Women's' USA Olympic Squad and major league baseball swings, they are not far off.

How to Improve the Popularity of Softball.
This makes one wonder why then the girls' softball players swing is taught so differently from the travel to college levels. Once women's' softball changes the focus from just making contact to a more level headed power game, the game is going to be twice as fun to watch and the girls are going to have a lot more fun. Any time you have a bat in your hand, the energy of the game lies in that stick. Unfortunately, for girl's softball, the popularity of the game can be stronger if the game was not so defense oriented.

The game has a chance to be as popular as major league baseball someday, but only if there is more excitement with the bats. It can happen because the girls have the energy for this to happen, and their work ethic is out of this world. More coaches have to give them the chance to open up their swing more. It is time for softball players to open up to this and take the game to the next level.

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