Thursday, 20 September 2012

Softball: 4 Important Areas You Should Consider to Improve Your Overall Game

ByAdam C Moore

Softball is a game that requires an all-round performance from your body. It is important to note that when you throw a ball or swing a bat, it does not only involve the use of your hands. Both require total body coordination for efficient movement and top-notch performance. Do you want to play softball even better? Here are important 4 areas you should consider if you want to improve your overall game.

Power Play

Every action in the game of softball requires power. Hitting, throwing, and running are all quick or explosive movements that require a good turn of speed and strength. So you need to develop your body strength. This is a basis for muscular power and an assurance that you will play better. It also lessens the risk of sustaining injuries.

Work on your shoulder and knees, buffer your torso power, improve your posture and neuromuscular abilities with well-conditioned exercises.


Players need to be flexible when it comes to the game of softball. A wider range of motion in the use of your joints, guarantees greater athleticism and again down plays the risk of injury especially in areas like the chest, calves, hips and hamstrings. You need to work on your flexibility with a good program that mainly focuses on your muscles. And do not forget to stretch after every exercise in order to keep your muscles in good shape.


You should be able to move without difficulty and second guesses in softball. The main movements needed are hitting and fielding a fast-moving ball. You also need to be able to throw at definite targets and implement play while you are moving. Your hands and eyes should work with great precision and efficiency.

Coordination might be a natural ability. But it can be developed even further through a variety of exercises.

Great Balance

Sportspeople must have great balance. This is linked with coordination and improves your game especially when most plays are executed without a proper sense of balance. You can build your balance game with boards and stability boards. You might also need to put your body in an unsteady environment for adaptability and see how well you react.

Speed & Agility

Softball is a pacy game; you need to be fleet-footed to be successful. You also need to be able to change direction with a little break in speed and laterally accelerate to make up for any lapses. Even the slightest of improvements can mean so much in a competitive game of softball.

Training should include working on footwork, running strategies, quickness levels, stamina sessions and the ability to react explosively in the blink of an eye.

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