Sunday, 29 April 2012

DeMarini Softball Bat: Technology at Its Finest

ByLeo Nelson

The DeMarini softball bat has been around since 1989 and it is known in the industry as the bat with the biggest sweet spot. Producing high tech bats for softball has always been the company's objective. They have a dedicated group that continually does research on the best technologies and designs that can be incorporated in their bats. Hence, the superiority of their bats is apparent from the first time you put your hand on them.

There is a particular technology that is used in the manufacturing of the Demarini softball bat. It has a double walled construction that allows each wall to contribute individually to the springlike action of the bat surface. The pressure that results from the hit is not limited to the walls but goes through the entire length of the bat barrel. This helps a lot when you hit the softball with the bat.

Aluminum is the material used to give Demarini softball bats their distinct look and feel. Strong heat is then applied which makes the metal more resilient. The right thickness of metal allows the bat to pass energy to the softball and give it greater momentum. Thus, using bats made by Demarini would allow you to swing better and make the ball go further when you make a hit.

Because of the company's dedication to craftsmanship and excellence, the best softball bats you can find in the market always have the Demarini name on them. They have been designed with the player in mind. Thus, each Demarini softball bat can be expected to have superior feel, distance and durability.

At present, the company continues to search the entire planet to find the best materials and technologies they could use to produce the ultimate bat. The company also strives to implement better parts and designs, so that softball players will do better out in the field.

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