Saturday, 10 March 2012

Using Softball Jewelry As Incentives for Coaching Junior Softball

Softball Clubs often hand out weekly or end of season awards such as fast food vouchers, cans of soft drink or trophies. What about a more lasting reminder of the child's achievement such as a piece of softball jewelry.

Children can then wear the softball necklace or bracelet with pride and it will act as a constant reminder of what can be achieved and show the world what game they are playing and love. Other items of Jewelry that can be given out are softball earrings or charms to add to a Charm Bracelet or keyrings.

End of season trophies are often what are given out at the end of a softball season. These are generally hidden in a room and not looked at regularly. The end of the softball season should be a time to reflection on an enjoyable and fun time. Presenting players with softball jewelry in the form of say a charm bracelet will help to ensure everybody finishes the season feeling great and this will then also encourage players to play again the following season.

This is a list of coaching ideas for the timing of giving a piece of softball jewelry.

1. Set regular quizzes regarding the rules of the game. Try acting them out so the kids can see what not to do.

2. Try skills tests against the clock on who can be fastest to pick up the field ball and get it back to the pitcher. etc

3. Each week you should see an improvement in one of the children's abilities so a Most Improved award can be given. Make sure each child ends the season with an award.

4. End of Season award parties can be a great time to give awards for Best and Fairest, Most Improved, Most consistent and Best New Player.

The winner of each of these coaching ideas will receive a cute piece of softball jewelry.

Lots of kids love to play softball. They love the team environment and getting fit and healthy with their friends. Of course some kids are more competitive that others. They like to win and be rewarded for winning. This is all well and good but rewarding progress at a skill or fair play and sportsmanship is equally important. We all achieve in different ways so be very fair in handing out prizes because if not all kids get an award at some stage they may be upset and not want to play again.

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