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Bat Rolling Machine - Steel Verses Aluminum

ByDave Manly

Bat Rolling Machines today are constructed of several different types of materials, steel, aluminum, wood and even plastic. They come in many shapes and sizes and designs. The two most common are steel and aluminum. Steel being the predominate choice for manufactures and users.

In addition the machines can be welded, bolted, screwed, or glued together. The choice and ways of construction seem to be endless.

By far steel is the number 1 choice of construction. This is followed by aluminum, which covers about 3% of the market. I am going to discuss both of these materials and construction procedures.

How each machine is constructed and the type of material and thickness of material being used all need to come into play when choosing a machine. Also important is just what your needs are after purchase.

Steel Constructed:

The lion share of the bat rolling machines on the market today, around 95% are made out of steel. The main reason is that welded steel is very strong and enduring and if constructed correctly, will last forever.

A steel constructed bat rolling machine that is welded together will be stronger than one that is screwed or bolted together. The nature of welding itself is the reason. The entire body of the machine is fused together. If the bat rolling machine is made of the correct thickness and type of steel, then you could run over them with a tank (virtually speaking) and still not damage them. This is taking into consideration that the welding is done by a professional welder.

A steel constructed, welded machine is by far the most durable bat rolling machine on the market. A reputable manufacturer will easily be able to replace any parts and or rollers on these machines. The parts and plastics that are being used today make a need for such warranty work all but obsolete.

Aluminum Constructed:

Since all of the aluminum machines I have seen are screwed together, they are not as strong. Screws often times loosen and come out. A welded aluminum bat rolling machine would be stronger than a screwed one if the metal being used was thick enough. The key on a welded machine would be the welder. Welding aluminum is quite difficult and only a highly skilled welder can perform this task.

One argument that has been made by a manufacturer of screwed machines is that parts are more easily replaceable. Since any roller that has to be replaced needs to be replaced by a manufacture anyway, this would seem to be a moot point. Rollers must be correctly machined and tuned. In addition the rollers are pressed on, so the machine needs to be sent back to the manufacturer to get this correctly accomplished.


A wood constructed machine is also a choice. If they are glued and screwed then they are built stronger than an aluminum, screwed together machine. I only have seen a few of these on the market


If you are looking for the strongest built Bat Rolling Machine, then your choice would be steel constructed, welded machine. Most important in this choice is choosing a reputable manufacturer or sales representative who stands behind their machines and warranties. By doing your homework and correctly choosing your machine, you will enjoy years of happy rolling.

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