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What Is a Game Ready Softball Glove? - And How Do You Get One?

When someone makes a high quality softball glove, they use leather. Most are made from tanned Steer hide. There are some made from exotic leathers like buffalo, or kangaroo, but most are from a steer. The newest thing is to get a glove made from Kip leather which is a lighter, thinner leather that is just as strong as full grain steerhide. It just breaks in easier. All the pro's are using them these days.

Softball gloves made from this thick leather last for a long time and turn out to be great gloves. You can even pass them down to your kids or grand kids sometimes. They wear well, and play great. The problem with using heavy steer hide to make your glove is that it is stiff as a board right out of the box. It can take months to as much as a couple years to get them to be game ready softball gloves. They are really nice then, but most guys want to play with them now. So what do you do.

You could pay someone to take your new glove and break it in for you. Not a bad idea. There are a few sources for that. If you are a MLB guy you already have someone doing for it you. But most of us are not MLB guys. We just like to play on the weekends or in leagues for fun mostly. So what else can you do?

In the last few years a few manufacturers have realized this problem. So they did some research on how to perfectly tan a pro quality glove to be game ready right out of the box. Some of the best ones come from Akadema. They make a series called the ProSoft Series. It is made from top grain Steer hide that has been tanned to be soft and ready to play.

There are several gloves in this game ready series. They are made for baseball and for softball. The sizes range from an 11.25 inch infield baseball glove to a 14 inch X-tra large softball outfield glove. There is even an Ambidextrous Glove available. There are a couple models of baseball catchers mitts and a first base mitt too. So they have you covered for every position.

Styles include closed back, open back, deep pocket and medium pockets. You can have an I-web, B-hive web, H-web, modified trap web, even a single post I web. You can even get the famous Reptilian and Funnel models if you like.

There is even a fastpitch series designed for the ladies hand with smaller finger stalls and wrist straps. These help ladies manage the gloves better. They incorporate that same game ready leather to make them lighter and ready to play right out of the workshop.

Game Ready Softball Gloves

These gloves are sized for men, but of course women and girls can use them as well. They have the standard size finger stalls to fit a larger hand. They may be snug on some men but remember they are leather and they will mold to your hand over time. Grab yourself a game ready softball glove and enjoy that light and playable advantage right out of the workshop.

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