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Men's Fastpitch Catchers Mitt - What Should I Use?

When most folks think of fastpitch softball they think of girls. But there are lots of men, young and old that play the game too. Finding the correct gear is just as hard for men as it is for girls. Catchers mitts for men are even harder to find. Read on for some suggestions that should help.

Softball and baseball catchers mitts differ in many ways.

- size of ball used

- edge padding is different

- size of the mitts themselves

- palm padding strategically placed

- what mitts to use

There is quite a difference between a baseball catchers mitt and a fastpitch softball catchers mitt. They are designed differently for a few reasons. The size of the ball used is obvious to most. Fastpitch softballs are 12 inch around, and baseballs are only 9 inches around. So the mitt needs to have a much larger opening and pocket to catch the ball.

Fastpitch catchers mitts usually have thinner padding on the edges. This thinner padding is to allow for the larger opening and deeper pocket. You don't catch the ball on the edge anyway, so why have it there. Most mitts have stiffeners around the edges too to help the glove maintain its shape with all the abuse it gets. What you want is a deep pocket that stops the ball from spinning. Fastpitch pitchers can put a lot of spin on the ball. Makes it really hard to keep in the mitt sometimes. So softball mitts are designed with larger webs and deeper pockets to do just that.

Baseball catcher mitts use that thicker padding to help trap the ball. The smaller size mitt means smaller pocket, so using the thicker edge padding helps trap the ball better when it snaps closed. The softball is bigger, so it can be trapped easier with thinner padding when it snaps closed at the catch.

The size of the mitt is generally larger for fastpitch softball vs. a baseball catchers mitt. Baseball mitts generally run from 31 inch to 33 inch. Fastpitch mitts will start at about 33 inch and go up to 34.5 inches for the adult size. That large size helps a lot with fast spinning softball pitches.

Catchers mitt use more padding than fielders gloves for obvious reasons. Baseball mitts generally have a lot of thick padding covering the entire palm area. That is where the baseball hits. Softball mitts use thick palm padding as well, but will often add strategically placed padding over the area between the index finger and thumb to provide more protection for the larger ball. Some will add more up into the finger area as well.

It is more important to have a good deep pocket in a fastpitch mitt than all the extra padding. When caught correctly, the softball will be guided to the pocket.

Both types of mitts must be made of thick sturdy leather in the palm, pocket and web area. The laces used must also be thick and sturdy. Most mitts use 1/4 inch wide laces in this area. Other areas can use thinner laces.

Now, how do you find a men's fastpitch catchers mitt? Good question. Most fastpitch mitts are designed for the female hand. They have smaller finger stalls and smaller openings to help ladies manage the mitt better. That is great for the ladies, but what about the guys?

You can use them just the same. If you get one made of good leather, it will mold to your hand and be just as if it was custom made for you. Many men use them and get along excellently with them. I personally use one from Akadema that has served me very well.

Men's Fastpitch Catchers Mitt

Some men will take a baseball first base mitt and add in some extra padding or a thick batting glove. The size is similar to a fastpitch catchers mitt. The shape and design is similar as well. You can do a pretty good job with them.

It is not recommended to use a baseball mitt for fastpitch because the softball will just pop out of the mitt. It is really hard to catch a softball with a baseball mitt. It is just too small. Stick with a fastpitch mitt, whether made for a female or not. It is still the best way to go.

By the way, do you want to learn more about Softball Gloves? If so, download my new guide Fastpitch Softball Gloves Choosing Sizes, Types and Care A Guide for Parents and Coaches of Youth Fastpitch Softball here:

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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

What Is a Game Ready Softball Glove? - And How Do You Get One?

When someone makes a high quality softball glove, they use leather. Most are made from tanned Steer hide. There are some made from exotic leathers like buffalo, or kangaroo, but most are from a steer. The newest thing is to get a glove made from Kip leather which is a lighter, thinner leather that is just as strong as full grain steerhide. It just breaks in easier. All the pro's are using them these days.

Softball gloves made from this thick leather last for a long time and turn out to be great gloves. You can even pass them down to your kids or grand kids sometimes. They wear well, and play great. The problem with using heavy steer hide to make your glove is that it is stiff as a board right out of the box. It can take months to as much as a couple years to get them to be game ready softball gloves. They are really nice then, but most guys want to play with them now. So what do you do.

You could pay someone to take your new glove and break it in for you. Not a bad idea. There are a few sources for that. If you are a MLB guy you already have someone doing for it you. But most of us are not MLB guys. We just like to play on the weekends or in leagues for fun mostly. So what else can you do?

In the last few years a few manufacturers have realized this problem. So they did some research on how to perfectly tan a pro quality glove to be game ready right out of the box. Some of the best ones come from Akadema. They make a series called the ProSoft Series. It is made from top grain Steer hide that has been tanned to be soft and ready to play.

There are several gloves in this game ready series. They are made for baseball and for softball. The sizes range from an 11.25 inch infield baseball glove to a 14 inch X-tra large softball outfield glove. There is even an Ambidextrous Glove available. There are a couple models of baseball catchers mitts and a first base mitt too. So they have you covered for every position.

Styles include closed back, open back, deep pocket and medium pockets. You can have an I-web, B-hive web, H-web, modified trap web, even a single post I web. You can even get the famous Reptilian and Funnel models if you like.

There is even a fastpitch series designed for the ladies hand with smaller finger stalls and wrist straps. These help ladies manage the gloves better. They incorporate that same game ready leather to make them lighter and ready to play right out of the workshop.

Game Ready Softball Gloves

These gloves are sized for men, but of course women and girls can use them as well. They have the standard size finger stalls to fit a larger hand. They may be snug on some men but remember they are leather and they will mold to your hand over time. Grab yourself a game ready softball glove and enjoy that light and playable advantage right out of the workshop.

By the way, do you want to learn more about Softball Gloves?

If so, download my new guide Fastpitch Softball Gloves Choosing Sizes, Types and Care A Guide for Parents and Coaches of Youth Fastpitch Softball here:

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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Eine neue Wendung auf einer traditionellen Spendenaktion

ByEllen Swan

We have participated in the fundraising in one way or another. If you were asked, a fundraising product purchase or a fundraiser is helped to sell, a need that seems to be here to stay.

One problem that many face involved in obtaining money, is a decision on what type of product or service should be offered to make money. How to be an easy sell?

Printing t-Shirts are a popular element often used for the money. Everyone loves a shirt, right? Not only they can be applied to your game or event, but they can be worn in the city to support show for the local team or organization. Shirts are usually an easy sell because just about everyone is wearing T-shirts.

Do you want to offer t-Shirts with a more trendy twist? Why not offer mascot Custom Rhinestone T-shirts with your school name or sparkling wine on the front? Why not give women that support opportunity your organization with a little shine? This creates a renewed interest in your offering and will help you, more money than you would only tee printed with a screen.

Want to they offer rhinestone printing tea and a shirt for women? No problem. There are a few companies, both services in one place, so that you will not be in different companies, get your desired result. This allows you to earn the means that would earn you normally from a printed shirt and also an additional income of rhinestone apparel. In fact, you'll find that many of the ladies are every order!

If a company of Strass to contact clothing, there is one to keep some things in mind. In particular, if you are looking to the lowest amount possible, must you pay to avoid colored stones. Clear stones are the most affordable. You a rhinestone will offer able shirt at an affordable price, if you clear stones for your logo or team name. The shirt that you want to use reflects your team colors, if with clear stones.

Korean rhinestones offer good-quality at an affordable price. There are some companies that only Swarovski rhinestones. The most expensive are. You are very nice, but there is a much higher price on shirts with this kind of rhinestones. Make sure you, wondering what kind of stones are included in your offer.

Their next fundraising efforts add a turn. You are sure to make more money.

A company, the Custom Rhinestone, clothes, clothing offers sport shirts and screen printing as rhinestone is shirts Custom Rhinestone.

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Sunday, 25 December 2011

Choose bat like the correct Softball is best for you

BySam Willard

If you play softball slow pitch, you need to pitch softball bats the right gear to use, very slowly. This species of bats and use have been created, the best for slow pitch compared to fast pitch play are. Keeping the best bat can go a long way toward a player help improve more comfortable with their batting and their overall performance.

These bats can come in different sizes and weights for the player are optimized to use it. The bat, which is a big work may not for another fit for a player. This is the reason why, it is important to get a feeling that matches with your gender and proportions for a bat.

There are several places where slow pitch softball bats can get a person. There are a wide variety of shops that sell them. You can find at sporting outlets were available his, and also many big box stores, were a sports section have to have these items in stock. To walk in a retail location to this title is the best location for people who are not sure to what bat for them best. They will be able to access it and get a feel for the bat to determine whether it is correct before they buy it.

For those who understand what works best for them, they can search online for purchasing their bats. Online, you will find great offers when you purchase these bats. It is important to ensure that the site that you use your bat of buy a good return policy. In this way you are stuck with a bat that feels totally right, if twitch.

The time to your slow pitch softball bat buy really depends on your needs. For individuals just getting started with a season want a bat to look that works well for them ahead of them. They should start, search, before they go into their practice, how it can be helpful to have a sense of the bat. Some people can with other observed they do something, the first time feel self-confident.

If you are not constrained by having to bat have to play instantly, then you keep over until the season is. This can help you to save money, how much memory is their article on the sale or free space for other seasonal articles or newer models are coming for the next season. You are only as good as the newer bats, but can save you money.

The best way is to ensure that the slowly is pitch softball bats, you just look at the right place for you to try them. A few test swings in the gang go picking up the bat and it help a long way in the direction to find the best. If your test results to account swings you sure that you have enough space for it.

If an athlete Gets a sense for a certain bat size and weight, they will be able to find that good for her other bats. Some players like to have some bats while playing with the authorities. This can help if a bat is damaged, so that play can continue.

If you softball the importance of playing know investment in a high-quality bat. There are a lot of fast pitch and baserunning softball bats on the market. You want to test all of them to see them out, which help to maximize your performance. Also make sure that you invest in softball helmets to ensure that you are safe.

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Saturday, 24 December 2011

Coach Thomas Flanigan - Nominated Coach of The Year

ByJohn H Berry

In the ever spinning world of Fast pitch softball there are always large obstacles to work through to reach excellence for both athletes and coaches. These obstacles can be a variety of things and play a role to success. Researching and gathering factual information I have found that coach Thomas Flanigan has delivered to North Texas athletes and have helped them reach unthinkable goals.

Coach Thomas Flanigan is a father, a husband, a family man who finds ways to devote his time to North Texas Athletes to ensure the growth as athletes. Let's face it; the most valuable thing you can give a person is your time.

Coach Flanigan started his coaching career in 1999 with team express, at that time he worked many hours with his employers, at times 60 hours a week as a Co-Manager. Yet, he was able to give back to the community by helping young athletes reach their true potential and found a way to devote time to his family as well. In fact, in 2004 while a Co-Manager at Wal-Mart he was named the "HERO" award with Wal-Mart Stores Inc. The "HERO" award is the most prestigious award given by Wal-Mart Stores Inc. The award is based on a lot of factors; the most weighted factor is someone's contributions to the community.

In 2004 as a coach for Texas Elite, his team was honored with the Sportsman Ship award and Trophy at Nationals in Arkansas. Their team went on to finish 3rd. Based on research it's rare to place in the top 5 if you're a team from Texas. Even more rare to receive the Sportsmanship award when you place that high in a National tournament.

Following the 2004 championship season coach Flanigan teamed up with Dan Adkins Glory. In 2005 he coached a team to a 12th place finish at Nationals as a Glory Team. Though his employers demanded the long hours of retail, he found a way to help others.

In 2006 Coach Thomas Flanigan led his team to a National Championship, something that has never been done before from any team in North Texas. California traditonally owned most all National Championships, typically placing in the first 4 spots. A major accomplishment to say the least for his Glory team. In fact, Texas has two national championships, one, was the Cruisers when Kat Osterman pitched them to a title, and coach Flanigans team. In 2007 his team suffered a few key injuries in the starting pitching rotation. Even with the key injuries to their rotation his team managed to place in the top 12 at the Hall of Fame Championships held at Hall of Fame Stadium in Oklahoma. This secured their spot at Nationals. Their pitcher would not return from injury - broke ankle - until the week of Nationals. Still the Glory team traveled to California and placed 27th at the National Championships.

In 2008 there were some differences between Kevin Shelton & Dan Adkins who were both long standing Glory leaders. They are friends today; however that didn't change the split of the Glory organization. During that time Coach Thomas Flanigan was approached to move his team to the Kruzers and was offered a sponsorship to do so.

In fast pitch softball sponsors really do not exist. The burden of fees is typically put on parents and sometimes coaches. To have the opportunity to have a financially free team and focus on skills was a huge advantage. The team decided to make the move and Coach Thomas Flanigan accepted the role as head coach. Previously he was the head coach / manager on other teams he operated with. The duties of a head coach and a Manager are quite different. He was able to put his entire time into coaching the athletes. Before, he was dealing with team dues, player registration, rosters and parents. Now, he was able to focus on pure softball, Ron Withee, the team manager would handle all other aspects. Including rosters, insurance, player signings etc....

In 2008 coach Thomas Flanigan led the Kruzer team to a Hall of Fame Championship in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, another first for North Texas. The team went on to finish 7th at the National Championships in 2008. In 2009 the team finished 12th at the Hall of Fame Championships as well as claimed another birth to the National Championships.

In 2009 the Kruzer team was disqualified from the National Championships for having an illegal pick up player on their roster. I had to dig deep to find answers to this, as Coach Thomas Flanigan has a squeaky clean background based on information from asa and coaches background checks. While rules in the asa hand book are open to interpretation and it was difficult to comprehend. The conclusion stated that a player registered under Dallas Metro who played in a National Qualifier is not eligible to be a pick up player for a Ft Worth Metro team for Nationals.

Here is where the rules were an overlook on the Team Managers part. I don't believe the team manager tried to break the rules to register a pick up player? When the team manager asked to register the player as a Ft Worth Metro player and add her to the roster as a pick up player is legal or not? At this point the rule book makes no claim to that. However, it is the JO of that Metro who approves the registration, and in this situation, it was the managers responsibility to follow the channels to register a player. At some point the JO or Manager of team should have known, one would think? In fact, based on information I gathered, the JO or the team manager registering the player would know through some channel of communication or online registration. There is a lot to be said to that. The fact remains Coach Thomas Flanigan was the head coach of the team, regardless of who registers the players or who signs the roster, who approves the registration, who is accountable for it or I would say it's open to opinion for sure.

Is the team manager responsible for all aspects of the team, to my knowledge even disposing of players, coaches etc.... yes! The manager of the team is not only responsible but accountable as well. Again, I am basing this on ASA facts as to who is ultimately accountable, and it's not the head coach, it's the designated Manager of the team who took and has full responsibility of the team, coaches, parents, registrations etc... I have found with most teams only one designated person to perform both roles. Most are listed as head coach / manager.

Not to place blame on anyone, including the Manager / Sponsor of the team. Based on the information I gathered the Kruzers management did everything by the book. Unfortunately, that didn't work and the team was disqualified. The ironic part of the story is the pick-up player was young, two years younger than current team members and she was added to the roster as a pick up player for emergency services if needed. In fact, the athlete never stepped foot on the field in any of the teams game. Ironic?

Coach Thomas Flanigan has battled through obstacles and led young athletes to places that only few have been. In 2009, North Texas lost a great coach; leader and motivator to fast pitch softball. Unfortunate for North Texas Athletes. Unfortunate for athletes he mentored for years, as the best finish for the Kruzers has been 33rd since his departure. My research proved worthy, and I only write based on facts, not hear say or rumors. I could not find any suspension, or any factual information that stated coach Flanigan had been suspended for a year for having an illegal pick up player at Nationals. Again, I did verify the team was disqualified. Digging as deep as I could, I found that Coach Thomas Flanigan left coaching of fast pitch softball for many other reasons.

First, I found that it's a cruel and somewhat evil softball world, at least for some in North Texas. How does, or would anyone make ridiculous statements about anyone they don't personally know? Even a man with quality leadership, character and strong will can only take so much. It is unfortunate that we lost a coach that has led North Texas athletes through mentoring programs, clinics and individual skill training.

I laugh when I write Coach Thomas Flanigan may be the Bill Belicheck of fast pitch softball, you love him or you hate him. To even mention coach Flannigan's name with Bill is an over statement to say the least. However, in the world of fast pitch softball, that's who he is. Would you play for Bill? Ummm - YES! I still hate him though, because he isn't coaching my team. He coaches the competition of my team.

In my most recent research, Coach Thomas Flanigan is in umpiring school and planning to umpire at the Division 1 Fast pitch softball level, and I have also learned recently that he may make a decision to come back to coaching fast pitch softball. Could this be true? If so, North Texas would be honored to have him coach here again.

Thank you for reading my article.

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Thursday, 22 December 2011

Softball - the best softball bat for slow pitches

Always question, seem me how some players, easily foam balls crank bottom 275' and much more as you battle are, put one over a drawn in outfield, and your team batsmen of the opponent makes overshadowed is third in the line-up's best. You would like to purchase from Kagi, the secret key for meets for makes slow pitch softball know?

A Word... Asked, or rather softball bat. All other things equal... the bat the biggest single difference maker for increasing distance and speed when is to slow pitch softball. Now, that the bat importance would know you I think that you cancel you would buy the journey to K-Mart or target a new bat for the upcoming season. It is imperative, if you is seriously getting a batsman who buy best legal softball bat, which you can find or can afford.

So, what is softball bat the best slow pitch available? We go to check, what I have are found, the best 3 bats available. This is not my personal opinion, but rather a consensus of opinions from several hard pitch fought softball slowly teams from several different leagues.

Easton Stealth speed slow pitch bat, was in the top 3 are evaluated. It is one of the best ASA legal bats because Easton engineers somehow found out, how bat speed to increase, without changing the length of the run, which is substantially qualified for the remaining ASA.

It has been a proven fact, whether it's intended speed his baseball or softball, bat and distance the ball travels. No matter whether you seek a number 4, 5 or 6 batsmen, to increase power at home ran away or the number 1, 2 or 3 batsmen looking to percentage increased on the basis of rubber by drives through the baseball player, bat for you is.

The only downside back of this bat is, it's a bit expensive at $400

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Differences between softball and baseball gloves

ByPeter V. John

What are the real differences between a baseball glove, a almost pitch glove and an adult slow pitch softball glove? To find out, we need to look what size glove is used for each sport. Baseball players tend to use the sizes from 10 to 12 75″. Almost pitch tend softball players, use 11.5″ up to 13. Players tend to adult slow pitch softball, use gloves in the area of 11.5″ up to 15.

Most manufacturers design and creating equipment more toward the baseball market as the other two markets. However, overlap of many of the glove sizes in sizes 11.5″ to 12 75″ between baseball and softball.

Basic glove design is used on the size of the sphere is affected. Baseball used a 9-ball. Fast pitch and slow pitch softball uses either a 11″ or 12″ globe. For baseball gloves, the bag is usually smaller and longer. Softball Glove bags are generally wider and deeper. The height of the glove is shorter with deeper pockets. For example, a 12 75″ baseball glove is greater than a 12 75″ softball certain glove, because the softball bag is deeper and glove profile brings down. Many manufacturers tend to "Length to make their baseball gloves even with gloves softball add".

The next factor is the size of the players hands. Pitch fast gloves, female players are aligned. Women are generally smaller hands than male individuals. Baseball and softball have adult slow pitch tends to be larger hand openings and/or finger stalls. However, not all manufacturers change their hand opening or finger stalls. Some high end manufacturers stands this form tool and mould making in the hand of the player have slightly smaller fingers if the hands are large or small.

That most softball players like the gloves on their hands out wedged. To help manufacturers add velcro on the glove for the greatest possible degree of adjustability. Baseball players tend to feel more comfortable with a little movement, so they tend to have standard back.

Finally comes the quality of the gloves in the game. Baseball gloves range from $50 up to $ 600. fast pitch and slow pitch softball gloves range from $50 to $200. Some manufacturers offer quality gloves around the $200-mark. Most offer a softball $120 specific type of, not propels softball players in baseball glove with smaller pockets. However, some high end manufacturers such as Vinci high softball gloves for the serious softball players make.

At the end it is all, what works best for the individual player! The right equipment makes for a pleasant and better game.

Vinci has produced high-quality baseball gloves and equipment since 1997. Find first baseman gloves, catcher's mitts, and much more. Vinci softball gloves and baseball gloves are the highest in quality, durability, style and performance. If you wear a Vinci, you are part of our family.

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